Susan Hartman

Susan Hartman

I am originally from Minnesota where I received a BFA from the University of Minnesota with a major in painting and a minor in sculpture. I participated in several group shows while there and Citibank purchased 4 of my paintings.

I lived in Tucson, Arizona for 3 years where my creative focus was on sculpting in metal.

Since moving to California in 2008, I have concentrated on abstract painting. I draw inspiration from the female abstract expressionists of the 1950’s; Grace Hartigan, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler to name just a few.

My abstract paintings are influenced by the music I may be listening to, by what I have observed on my walks or just a thought or feeling. I enjoy the gestural application of paint, the physicality of painting.

Painting abstractly can tell a story, how the first brush stroke can act as the opening line, taking the viewer through chapters or layers of colors, textures, shapes and line culminating in an exciting ending!

Memberships: Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, Art Council of Long Beach, and Huntington Beach Art Center.

Exhibitions: Huntington Beach Art Center; Women’s Art Space in Tubae, Arizona; Open Studio Tour and Midcity Art Tour, Long Beach; Greenly Art Center, Long Beach; The Creative Group Gallery, Long Beach; Hellada Art Gallery, Long Beach; Las Laguna Art Gallery and Five3 Gallery, Laguna Beach; Sola Art Gallery, Los Angeles; Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, Lancaster Art Gallery.