Mike Biagiotti

Michael Biagiotti is a Long Beach based artist originally from Long Island, NY, who moved to Southern California as a child. He has lived in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and has now called Long Beach home for 14 years. His art captures the spirit of urban coastal life through a combination of watercolor and ink on paper, photography, and digital illustration. These elements are collaged and glued on a wood backing, then decoupaged. The custom frames are made from repurposed wood which are hand sanded and stained with danish wood oil. He completes his work with a signature hot iron brand, usually on the front, left side of the frame. He also created the brand O.I.L. Beach, which stands for “Only in Long Beach”. It continues the feel of his art with merchandise conveying the urban/beach/car culture that is part of the Long Beach/Southern California lifestyle.


instagram – @oilbeach