Kathryn Heaton


Kathryn Heaton

10 Things you don’t know about me.

– Art is a lifestyle for me. Everything that surrounds and excites me is automatically processed and transformed into my art at some point of my life. I pay attention to shapes, colors and spaces around me.

– Clay is my favorite medium. I find it to be the most versatile material and it is the best suited for the expression of my ideas. Although I enjoy drawing and painting, I love 3D. I like to build things and look at negative and positive spaces in that composition.

– In my earlier formative years of creative exploration, I was a member of a professional pantomime troupe. I studied the craft intensely for many years. I can still climb stairs, pull a rope and hold a box.

– I make my art to engage the viewer in a contemplative visually charged and emotional experience. I like to keep my pieces edgy and thought provoking. I want my art to be powerful and I want the viewer to be encompassed by a strong emotional response. 

– I have loathed maraschino cherries and pineapple my entire life. I am authentic and don’t waiver. 

– My artistic ideas and inspiration often come to me in dreams. I see the piece completed, it’s very seldom about the process.

– I have been a contributing author for a nationally published miniature dollhouse magazine.

– I am a believer in form and function. I like my art to be useful in every day life.

– I was born in the year of the Wood Dragon. The dragon is the only mythical creature among the Chinese zodiac and is the most creative and innovative of the signs. Dragons live by their own rules.

– My first powerful artistic memory was in the 5th grade during an afternoon art class. It was a perspective drawing of a city landscape with buildings and sidewalks.  From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be an artist.


Pieces can be found at:


Fingerprints on 4th St in Long Beach

Urban Americana on Coronado Ave in Long Beach