Flux Art Space


Open Studio Tour Pop Up

at Flux Art Space


To celebrate this year’s tour, Flux Art Space has invited four Long Beach based artists to show their work. They are first-time tour participants who are part of the current wave of creativity happening in Long Beach.


Brandie Lachelle Davison   @lilbrandie and @art.realm.collective

Omar Howard       @omarrgod

Carmel Katumba    @thezonkygirl

José M. Loza    @jmloza_art


with Flux Art Space artist-in-residence, Betsy Lohrer Hall


Flux Art Space

410 Termino Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90814

Instagram: @fluxartspace


Parking is limited. Consider walking, biking, skating, scooting or ride sharing. Thanks!

All are welcome. Front entrance is handicap accessible. Note: we do not have a public restroom.



About Flux Art Space:


Founded in 2018, Flux Art Space is an artist-run, curated project space that connects emerging and mid-career artists with each other and with the vibrant communities of Southern California, through exhibitions, workshops, and gatherings. We encourage cross-cultural and cross-generational dialogue and celebrate creative expression as an integral part of life.


The gallery is located at the front of the storefront studio of artist Betsy Lohrer Hall. She has been making and showing her work for more than twenty-five years and is one of this year’s recipients of the Arts Council for Long Beach Professional Artist Fellowship grant (2021-2022).


Betsy Lohrer Hall   @betsy_lohrer_hall and @fluxartspace