Dave Conrey with Michele Morgan

Dave Conrey

Michele Morgan

Dave Conrey

Dave Conrey is an artist and graphic designer from Southern California. Born in the high desert area of Apple Valley, but quickly moved to the Los Angeles area with his parents as a baby, and eventually spending the majority of his youth in the suburban confines of Orange County.

Dave grew up in the 80s and 90s with punk rock, hip hop, skateboarding and beach culture, but it wasn’t until he left California for Austin, Texas where he solidified his creative routes. While going to school and working mindless jobs, he often found himself perusing the stacks or magazines at local book stores, until one day realizing his passion for design.

Many years later, while working as an art director for a large magazine publishing company, he felt compelled to test his creative impulses in new ways, and took to paint and canvas. Since then, he’s spent much of his time trying to bring his two creative worlds together, mixing his design aesthetic with paint, pens, and found pieces of paper from the streets of Long Beach, where he’s lived with his wife and son for over 17 years.

Dave Conrey – www.daveconrey.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/daveconrey YouTube: https://youtube.com/daveconrey

Michele Morgan

I was born in Long Beach, although I was raised in the small desert town of Apple Valley, Ca.  I loved growing up out there in the wide-open spaces where you could see panoramic mountains and the most incredible sunsets. I had plenty of time to daydream and create in my mind.

My biggest influence was my high school teacher, Mr. John Kurtz. He threw a blob of white paint on to a painting I was trying to perfect. Wow! He smoothed it out in a matter of seconds which showed me how to let go. The second influence was when a friend taught me how to paint on silk. I dove into the medium years with a vengeance. I started with miniature pieces and graduated into a wearable art line but soon I was on to very large, animated abstracts.  It is an unforgiving medium much like watercolor. However, the mistakes have been the greatest teaching experience. You must go with it!  Currently, I am back to painting landscapes and abstracts in an impressionistic style on canvas and board.  I feel it is necessary to continue growth in art mentors and classes to refresh the mind and skillset.

Exhibits have taken place in galleries as far as Hawaii, Texas, Midwest and locally throughout the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. The most recent shows have been at OCMA, Huntington Beach Art Center, and Long Beach Creative Group at the Rodd Briggs Art Gallery.  My interior design clients have purchased numerous paintings and come back to collect additional works of art.