Cody Lusby

Lives and works in Long Beach, California

I am a contemporary visual artist devoted to creating artwork that is true to myself. I also aspire to change the world through local community action and through developing large scale projects that enable their viewers to feel more empowered themselves.

My classical art training began at Orange County High School of the Arts, after which I was awarded a scholarship to Laguna College of Art and Design. Building on my knowledge of representational painting, I spent ten years experimenting in a more contemporary manner and then another ten years working to refine my style. After numerous group shows, I began to exhibit as an individual artist. In the past fourteen years, I have had twelve solo shows involving a range of artistic practices, including paintings, installations, sculptures and video imagery




“Roses for Rose Park” is a large scale community mural of an ensemble of multi-colored roses (meant to represent the area’s diversity) in the alley adjacent to 2925 E. 6th street, located in Historic Rose Park between Orizaba street and Temple street. Painted in a contemporary stencil format in dialogue with the street art movement, the project’s goal is to reinforce community identity and beautify the neighborhood.

Created in 2019

video on the project