Tips for Selling

If one of your goals is to sell your art, it is important to know and practice criteria that may help make a sale.  We have gathered previous year’s sales data and info from artists listed below.  


Sales statistics:



Sales advice from an LBOST participating artist:


Think of the tour as having someone visiting your home. Cleaned and organized. Inviting. You want people to have fun and like you.


This is a time to interact with people. Don’t spend all your time talking to friends – they already know you and your art. 


Be open and friendly. Time to sell you as an artist and what you do. But don’t be pretentious or fake. Be true to who you are and what you do. Have fun. Be engaging.


Not everyone is going to like what you do. That is okay. Be open to those who don’t get it. People like what they like.


Offer refreshments, snacks. Have music playing. Make the studio a place to hang and sit.


Have items to sell that are $20, $30, $40 and so on. The likelihood that someone is going to spend several hundred dollars is not likely. It can happen, but you can sell a lot of less expensive/affordable things and have a great time. Think of them as “business cards” that someone can afford and take home. It could be the seed to them buying something that is more money.


Have a website, business cards or QR code to your IG or whatever so people can see more of what you do.


Post venmo, paypal, zelle, whatever so people can buy and go.


Have something people can engage in. Something interactive so they remember you from that thing.


Show your work and where you create it. Have an assortment of pieces you have done over the past year or so. The more the better.


Promote. Invite your friends and neighbors. Spread the word through social media or whatever you feel comfortable with.


Have an assortment of work for people to see.


Signage is important. Be easily seen and found. 


Talk up other artists in your area. 


Keep track of the number of people attending.


Have fun.


Create a database of people who are interested in your art – an email list.


Have a sign up sheet.

Closing Thoughts

Each year is different and unpredictable.  The amount of people you get may depend on the weather.  The amount of sales you get may depend on someone visiting your studio that identifies with your work.  Art is highly subjective. 

Attendance may depend on how many participating artists are nearby.  The more artists in your space or near you, the better. Visitors often aim for an area that contains a few artists near each other.  If you can host other artists, please do so.