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Three Weekends: October 13-14, 20-21, and 27-28, 2018

Studios Open Noon To 5 pm

In celebration of Long Beach’s Arts Month, your local artists will be opening their studios to visitors during the Long Beach Open Studio Tour. Come see your local artists in their working environments that are not usually open to the public. The tour is a free, self-guided, at your own pace, event. Click on any artist’s name to preview the artist's work. Some studios will have live music and light refreshments. See our Music Schedule page. You can visit all the studios or tailor your route to a select few of your choice. Either way, this is a fun-filled event. This year, the Tour will be happening over three weekends. The studios located west of Cherry Avenue will be open on the weekend of October 13 and 14. Studios located east of Cherry Avenue will be open on the weekend of October 20 and 21. The weekend of October 27 and 28 is for any artists who opt to open their studio for a second time**. So browse the website, plan your route, get together with friends, and come out to support your local artists!


Lisa Wibroe**
Tina Burnight**
Dave Clark**
Curt Miller
Wendy Hultquist
Garrett Stryker
Monica Fleming
Vinny Picardi
Terry Koepke**
Lance Morris**
David Allen**
Danny Furgeson**
Joe Devinny
Terry Oshrin
Nora Chen
Jill Kollmann
Billy Mitchell**
Scott Burchard**
Bob Rosenfield**
Jaime Sabatte
Paul Harris
Richard Turner
Caryn Baumgartner
Susan Hartman
Susan Erikson Hawkins**
Philip M. Smith
Robin K. Smith
Jamie Sandberg
Carol Kron
Akinsanya Kambon
Eric Almanza
Knox Farrand
Robin Feeley
Nita Ward
Kathryn Heaton
Carol Roemer
Bob Potier**
Margie Darrow-Stretz
Aia White-Podue**
Marka Burns
Dennis Simmons**
The Collective Print Studio
Angelica Fegley**
Greg Sabin**
Hilary Norcliffe**
Josh Friedman**
Karen McCreary**
Katie Stubblefield**
Sandy Smith**
Sarah Soward**
Cody Lusby
Jan Edward Vogels**
Elizabeth Kuehne**
Ramon Rodriguez**
Debbie Rodriguez**
Bill Heynen**
Elena Marty
Kirsten Anderson
Joanne Morris
John White
Bob Winberry**
Steve Marr**
Ron Yeo**
Bryce Leisy**
Michele Marr**
Ron Leiter
Jennifer Warren
Dorte Christjansen
Donald Tiscareno