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OCTOBER 8-9, 2016


You are cordially invited to visit local artists' studios, which are not usually open to the public, on a two-day self-guided tour. Below are this year's participating artists. Click on a name to see examples of his/her work. Then go to our studio location map and plan your tour route. Be sure to check out our music schedule for a listing of live music and events at select locations.


Kirsten Anderson
Benner Artworks
Scott Burchard
Tina Burnight
Marka Burns
Nora Chen
Vivian Wenhuey Chen
Dorte Christjansen
Nancy Comaford
Lisa DeSmidt
Joe Devinny
Knox Farrand
Robyn Feeley
Hyra George
Moira Hahn
David Hennage
Bill Heynen
Wendy Hultquist
Greg Jacobs
Terry Koepke
Ron Leiter
Bryce Liesy
Cody Lusby
Steve Marr
Elena Marty
Bonnie McCarthy
Ethan McCarthy
Heather McMillen
Billy Mitchell
Joanne Morris
Terry Oshrin
Cathy Pavia
Sergio Pina
Emily Quest
Ramon Rodriguez
Bob Rosenfield
Barry Rothstein
Jamie Sandberg
Philip M. Smith
Robin K. Smith
Garrett Stryker
Stephen Van Handel
John White
Aia White-Podue
Lisa Wibroe
Bob Winberry
Ron Yeo