Scott Burchard

Scott Burchard

Scott Burchard is a self-educated artist, who, over decades has explored various media. Currently he is creating abstract watercolor works on paper, a new departure. He continues to paint canvases with acrylics in more traditional still-life composition. Earlier works, the birch and Masonite panels, executed in lacquer, acrylic and resin, as well as representations of his varied styles on canvas and paper are available as reproductions. Commissions are accepted and encouraged. He thanks his spouse, Pamela, for her continued encouragement and support.

Art Sale

Please come and see what I have to offer. There will be works on paper, canvas, and wood panels. Some with reserves and others with no reserve.

Commissions Welcome

If there is anything on display, or if you desire to “live” with an image, sit down with me and discuss the concept. I work in a variety of media: watercolor, oil, acrylic, on paper, canvas, and panel.