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Molly Schulps

Molly Schulps (Studio #43) – 4302 E 6th Street

Molly Schulps grew up in Los Angeles, CA, with parents who encouraged her to explore and practice art. Her father, John Schulps, was a successful production potter and well respected in the field. Molly has primarily worked with ceramics since 1995, although she also uses many other materials such as paint, wood, wax, wire, etc. Schulps earned her Master’s of Fine Arts, with distinction, from California State University, Northridge, in 2001. Molly has been the head of the Ceramics Program at Cypress College since 2004, before that she taught at various colleges and universities throughout Southern California. She has exhibited her ceramic work nationally and has facilitated and presented at several ceramic workshops. Her work has always been somewhat figural, whether it is the figure, animals or anthropomorphic forms, which has led her to the current exploration of the fragility of relationships. This newer work delves into the world of science, kitsch, familial constructs and conception with a humorous hand to create a narrative.

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