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Paul Harris

Paul Harris (Studio #15) – 3746 Olive Avenue

My studio is my front yard: The Petriverse of Pierre Jardin, an Outsider Art Environment created in 2009.   The neologism Petriverse means 1) A world composed of rocks (e.g., a rock garden); 2) Words composed of rocks (i.e., verse written in stone). The ever-changing displays, including naturally balanced stone sculptures and text messages written with pebbles, constitute a public performance designed to cultivate aesthetic appreciation for stone and the wonders of Earth. Composed of locally collected rocks, the Petriverse stages the geologic materials and forces that shape coastal Southern California.

In recent years, I have designed “Slow Time” gardens on college campuses, exhibited site-specific stone works in Phoenix, Paris, and Copenhagen, and collaborated with artist Richard Turner on several gallery installations and visual artworks. In my work as an English professor at Loyola Marymount U, I regularly publish stone-themed visual poetry and philosophical-literary work in scholarly journals.

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