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Danny Furgeson

Danny Furgeson (Studio #9) – 816 W. 33rd Way

I am a Southern California native, living in Long Beach, California, for the last 15 years. A proud husband and father of four children. I have been in the printing industry for over 20 years and I am currently working at The Designory in Long Beach as a Color Manager, handling all photo retouching for both print and digital usage.

My artwork is highly inspired by early American traditional tattooing and my love of tattooing. Some of my influences include Bert Grimm, Cap Coleman, Bob Shaw, Stoney St. Clair, and Sailor Jerry. My preference is water color and ink, but I work with mixed media as well as oils and acrylics. Although I am not currently tattooing, I still try to find time to escape to my tiny painting studio, which is an old chicken coop in my backyard, to paint as more of a stress reliever after long days of working and juggling four kids: Dylan, Rylee, Hadley, and Milo (twins) with my beautiful wife, Lindsey.

I have been in various shows throughout Southern California; mainly tattoo shops and other small events. I would like to be part of more shows in the near future, however I find it hard to market myself. I am doing this show with David Allen, at his studio. All of my proceeds will go directly to a very dear friend who has suffered a stroke and is in need of help.

Thanks for reading this I hope you can dig my art.