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Susan Hartman

Susan Hartman (Studio #17) – 3747 Walnut Avenue

The concept for my paintings comes from 2 major influences.  The first is nature and all its beauty and the second is the pure process of painting.  The first brushstroke of color can invoke an image of something I’ve observed or experienced.  Textures and layers of bold color define my style of abstraction.  Oil paint, oil stick, and cold wax blend perfectly with my varied expressive techniques.

I studied art at the University of Minnesota where I received a BFA.  While in Minnesota, I participated in several art shows.  Citibank in Minneapolis purchased 4 of my paintings.  I have lived in Tucson, Arizona, and there my focus was sculpting in metal. 

Since moving to California I have returned to painting with the beautiful California landscape as my inspiration. 

Memberships include:  Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, Long Beach Art Registry, and Huntington Beach Art Center. 

Exhibitions include:  Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, Greenly Art Space in Long Beach, and Huntington Beach Art Center.