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Carol Kron

Carol Kron (Studio # 19) – 3616 Lewis Avenue

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Carol Kron makes jewelry at her home in California Heights, Long Beach, and as often as she can at her “woman cave” workshop, a tiny shed in Lake Isabella.  She works with silver, copper, glass beads, and wood. 

“Lately I’ve been obsessed by the patterns all around us on buildings, furniture, pottery, stonework and tile.  I love studying the geometry of a pattern and figuring out how I can make it into a piece of jewelry.  I draw the patterns in Adobe Illustrator, making each shape and rotating it around on an axis.  I know I’m a bit of a nerd!  I transfer the pattern to wood or metal, drill a hole in each section, and cut out each shape using a tiny blade on my jeweler’s saw.  I’m happiest working at my bench wearing magnifying goggles, listening to podcasts, and sawing away at a piece of silver.”

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