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Tani Taylor

Tani Taylor (Studio #?) – 2769 Maine Avenue

I am currently working with encaustic (wax, resin, pigment). This is a labor intensive, challenging, yet very exciting medium.

When I was studying art in the Bay Area, my focus had been on drawing and figure painting. There was a huge shift when I took an “expressive drawing” class in which my teacher encouraged breaking away from the traditional graphite/charcoal approach to line making.

I began “drawing” on flat surfaces with acrylic washes, which led to more abstract imagery. Most of my paintings from there on were abstract; some content came from personal experiences and internal struggles, others from world events and observations.

I eventually found that working on the ground instead of the easel was my go-to approach to painting. I began experimenting with encaustic after moving down to Southern California in 2003. The flowing nature of wax works brilliantly with my ground approach and since I work on fairly large scale, hand made, wood supports I can really get around them to achieve an over all field of paint.

My next challenge will be creating a new body of small scale paintings; which would not only be more cost effective, but hopefully make me a bit more prolific in my art making!

Cheers Everyone!

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