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Hyra George

Hyra George (Studio #?) – 3616 Lewis Avenue

I was that kid…and am still that grownup…who heads straight to the glassblowing demonstration any chance I get.  I’ve always been enthralled with glass art.

I’ve spent years painting with acrylics, had a recent one-year foray into weaving baskets from garden hoses, and have a great passion for nature photography, but I’m now happily creatively settled into working with art glass via the copper foiling (Tiffany) technique making boxes, other functional art and sculptural plants!  What makes my pieces unique are the fossils, stones, crystals and found items I incorporate into each piece.

Originally from NY, my husband, David George, and I have lived in Long Beach for the past 25 years where we’ve raised two daughters and had a wondrous career as set designers, fabricators and show producers for large scale music tours and theatrical events world wide.

My glass work (and links to my show biz career and hose weaving art) can be seen on my website.

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