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Vivian Wenhuey Chen

Vivian Wenhuey Chen (Studio #?) – 2999 E. Ocean Blvd., Suite 910

Artist Statement, 2017

Since 2016, I have been exploring new directions and new media for my art. Instead of abstract representation, I am painting more pure abstraction, aided by automatic drawing and painting. My objective is to capture the mood rather than the shape. I have also adopted Chinese ink painting styles in some of my pencil and charcoal drawings.

Also, in addition to oil and other mixed media I have added acrylic, pencil, charcoal and other non traditional media. I am continuing to explore 2 & 1/2 D or 4 D paintings which I started a couple of years ago and with some installations in my artwork.

These new directions have energized me and my artwork

Artist Statement, 2016

In my over 30 years of endeavors in arts, I have gone through different phases of careers, played different roles in life, surfed on ecstasies and sank into despairs, traveled over several continents and immersed in different cultures.  I have tried to capture and synthesize these experiences into several different series of paintings.

While my paintings are representational abstraction in style, most of the time, I tried to tell a story in the confines of a canvas.  I do not like to seek exterior writings to explain my paintings.  I think the audience should and could add his or her own interpretation to what they discern from the canvases.

Due to my many different experiences, my paintings are rich in contents and colors and vary from series to series. For example, my Musicians series flows with the emotions of the musicians while doing music; my “Crossroad” series depicts the crossroad the artists faced in several artist villages in Beijing after the recession of 2008. They had to decide whether to continue the pursuit of arts or take other careers to survive. My “It’s a Beautiful World” series captures the culture, customs, sceneries and the hopes and trials of different countries that I traveled to. The local maps I brought back and embedded in the paintings helped to tell the stories and enrich the textures. My “The Epic of the Second Sex “ is the echoes of Simone de Beauvoir’s theory that women have been relegated to a second sex status as opposed to men’s primal status. My series of “Color Scape” is abstract landscape on simplified color fields. It reflects my longings for simplicity and pure joy after an unusually hectic year. My “Majestic Cities” are images of great cities of the world that I have the fortune of having visited.  My “Long Beach Alive” series is to capture the diversity and the integrated culture and beautiful sea and land of Long Beach. My Americana series is to portrait the various phases of America, its beauty, its play, its mourning and its healing.

I often work on several paintings simultaneously, each belonging to a different series. Sometimes I leave a series alone for a period of time and come back to it at a later date, sometimes with some variations.

As to medium, I most favor the oil. It allows me to start working without preset plans and allows the painting to grow with me. I have added multimedia and collage to oil to enrich the contents as well as the texture, and sometimes make it 2 and half D.

The journey of art is very satisfying and joyful for me. I love to share this joy with people and always look for opportunities to show my art.

Artist Bio and Education

Born in Taiwan, I came to the United States to study law and lived in Boston, Massachusetts, for more than 30 years. In 2007 I moved to and settled in Long Beach, California. I have taken classes at School of Art, Boston Museum of Fine Arts (in conjunction with Tufts University). Currently an Open University student at the Art Department, California State University Long Beach.

Recent Exhibits

 Solo Exhibits

2017 Viv-Vid Art Duet exhibit, Student Gallery, California State University Long Beach, Art Department

2017 Art Theater, Long Beach, CA

2015 Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, retrospect, Long Beach, CA

2014 Long Beach Public Library, Main Branch, Long Beach, CA

2014 Unitarian Universalist Church, Long Beach, CA

2014 City Clerk’s Office, Torrance, CA

2013 Artifact Gallery, New York, NY

2011 Los Angeles Art Walks, Los Angels, CA

2005-2011, Several solo exhibits in Ji Lin Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, and Karen Jeng’s Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

2008-2010 Ascent Gallery, Long Beach, CA

2004 New England Chinese American Fine Arts Society Gallery

2002 Barns & Noble Arts Gallery, Boston, MA

Group Exhibits

Many Group Exhibits, some example follows:

Los Angeles Art Association, 2017 member show, 2017 and 2016 Benefit Action, 2016 Artist Collaborate Project (VS).

CA 101 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014

2014 Torrance Art Museum, South Bay Focus; Armstrong Theater; “Long Beach Alive” displayed in a banner on a 30’x10′ tower, in Long Beach “A Lot” Art Festival; Transforming Feminisms, Open Wall, South Bay Contemporary, Palos Verdes; International Art-Taiwan Traveling Exhibits

2014 & 2013 InMotion I and InMotion II,;South Bay Lexus Center, Torrance, CA; Rolling Hills Country Club, Palos Verdes, CA

2013 & 2012 Southern Nevada Museum of fine Arts, Las Vegas, NV

2013  Hong Kong Technical University International Art Exhibit

2012  Salon des Artistes Independants, Paris, France, NY Expo 2012, New York, NY,Shanghai Jiading International Art Exhibition

2011  Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy


Several private collectors

Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts

Karen Jeng Art Space


Represented by World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara, CA


* Thirty Years of Colorful Life, Vivian Wenhuey Chen, Selected Works 1978-2008

* Pondering at the Crossroad, Vivian Wenhuey Chen, Selected Works of Art, 2009-2010

* Works were also included in International Contemporary Masters, Editions V and VII.

* One of the 300 Role Models Profiled in a Chinese publication, “This Beautiful Land: The Current Day History of China”, 2014

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