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David Early

David Early (Studio #?) – 2364 Cedar Avenue

David Early: Los Angeles based visual artist.

David Early Studio has been busy on his new series of graphite drawings on wood to be released in upcoming shows starting in October, 2015.  His most recent work is based off of the interplay between photography and Pop Culture and how this marriage resonates into our memories, or not?

“If one owns a smart phone, iPad or desktop, chances are near to impossible that they are not familiar with various social media sites/apps available.  Where thousands upon thousands of images/photos are sent across our media gadgets by the hour.  We look, we swipe our phones and it is onto the next…

How does contemporary imagery stack up against the silver gelatin photographs of the thirties?  Are the Man Ray’s out there just as relevant today?  Is Pop Culture just as significant today or is it easily disposable?  Have we overdosed on photos of the ‘popular’ OR does this all play an important roll in where the future of art is going?”  – Early

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