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Barry Rothstein

Barry Rothstein (Studio #?) – 601 Ohio Avenue

Most of us experience and utilize the benefits of 3-D imagery every waking hour of every day.  Yet the photographic records most of us produce, save, and share are almost entirely 2-D.  2-D is great, but it’s often a little flat.  In winter 2003 at the dawning of the digital camera age, a math geek and black & white photographer, I stumbled onto some 3-D images at an antique store.

In the 3-D world I’m best known as a practitioner of photographic phantograms, a highly photo-realistic style of 3-D photography.  Given a point of view and a target “window”, phantograms allow me to precisely record what my eyes see and give it to you.  Neither in 2-D nor 3-D do we often get the opportunity to see photos or videos of the world as we truly see it.  Phantograms give us this.  Most people seeing phantograms for the first time are startled precisely for this reason.

Phantograms are math meets art, typically with fun and intentional misdirections.

I’ve worked at nature shots, animals of all description, macrophotography, and of course people.  Of late I’ve turned to producing phantogram “head shots” of people, seemingly their disembodied smiling heads rising off a printed page or iPad or tablet, the paper or screen laying flat on the table.  Intentionally creepy, amazing portraits showcasing ones head exactly as others see it.  Picture that on a birthday cake.

My goal is to further the usage of 3-D photography, especially in education, to help create a greater awareness of its wonders and usefulness to the general public.  My focus often changes, and so I hope over my active life to amass a broad ranging body of work that might be enjoyed for years to come.