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Heather McMillen

Heather McMillen (Studio #?) – 2102 Clark Avenue

Heather McMillen is a fine artist from Southern California.  She shows her work in galleries, at art fairs and in local businesses in the Long Beach area.  Venues include The Long Beach Playhouse, Bixby Knolls Expo’s South Gallery, and MADE in Long Beach.  Heather is a member of the artist collective “Squeeze.”

Heather’s paintings are experimental in technique.  They function as portraits of animals and people,, while maintaining an atmosphere that borders on the surreal.  The canvas alternates in it’s role – either as a window into a scene, or a barrier out of which the subject is trying to escape, as if the imagined interior environment of the painting were dragging itself out into the physical world.  She achieves this through manipulation of the paint the sculptural qualities of the painting surface, and in the way she physically mounts her paintings onto a panel or within a frame.

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