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Scott Burchard

Scott Burchard (Studio #12) – 4115 Locust Ave

Scott Burchard is a self-taught artist who has painted since childhood, primarily with oils and watercolors. Within the last five years Scott has discovered acrylic paints, beginning when his wife asked him to paint a ‘Jackson Pollock’ on the kitchen floor. This generated a series of panels seeking to evoke images inspired by photos from the Hubble telescope. The artist’s technique is wet-on-wet. The acrylics make this process exciting and results in a process of ‘discovery’ with the images evolving as the medium dries.

“Painting has become the primary focus of my life in the past five years. In prior years I painted infrequently as inspiration and time permitted. Making the studio a part of my daily life has been rewarding, both in results and in my overall state-of-mind.

I am a self-taught artist who has been producing art in a variety of media since childhood. In my 64th year I am delighted to participate in the Open Studio tour as it affords me a unique opportunity to present  the community with my varied skills. Lately, in anticipation of this tour I have been creating representational works on paper in search of commissions. I look forward to meeting one-and-all. Come buy and bid as your spirits direct you…”

Art Auction and Sale

Please come and see what I have to offer. There will be works on paper, canvas, and wood panels. Some with reserves and others with no reserve. After the final day of the LB Open Studio Tour, prevailing auction bids will be notified.

Commissions Welcome

If there is anything on display, or if you desire to “live” with an image, sit down with me and discuss the concept. I work in a variety of media: watercolor, oil, acrylic, on paper, canvas, and panel.