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Carol Roemer

Carol Roemer (Studio #24) – 3318 Stevely Avenue

I do the work I do because the very act of creating something from simple materials has been a challenge I’ve always enjoyed.  Painting, drawing and constructing objects enable me to communicate my ideas, meanings and messages to others.  Some of my favorite things about the art I make are the happy-accident surprises that occur, allowing the painting or object to create itself.  I enjoy following where the artwork leads me, sometimes solving a problem or mistake.  I seek links to the past and often find answers there.  I create mysteries, and always hide something for the viewer to discover through the traces, clues and suggestions I leave.

To achieve my goals I begin each piece by trolling through my emotions and state of mind, recalling recent events and experiences, or thinking about ideas related to the subjects I teach:  Ancient Pre-Columbian, and Tribal Art.  The ancient past and its grand civilizations have inspired my career as an educator and an artist.  I draw from the visual appeal and cultural significance of Minoan spirals, Prehistoric Goddesses, Mayan manuscripts and the like.  My ideas evolve, and the work begins.

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