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Terry Oshrin


Terry Oshrin (Studio #10) – 130 W. 36th Street

My mother was an artist, my grandmother was a fashion designer, so you can say I came by it naturally.

I owned a retail store for 25 years and manufactured products for the store.  Now that I am retired, I “love” doing mosaics and it has become my passion, but don’t place me in one category because custom lamps and resin tables have now peaked my interest.  Who knows what I will do tomorrow.

The one constant is color.  The brighter and more intense the color, the better.  You could say I am a colorist.  I enjoy placing the colors together and making them into something beautiful.

Come visit my work as I am now showing at the Off Track Gallery in Encinitas and the Del Mar Art Center Gallery in Del Mar.

I am available for commissions and can design for any of your needs.

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