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Linda Fry

Linda Fry – The Artist Co-Op (Studio #31) – 1330 Gladys Avenue

Linda Fry is an artist based in Long Beach, CA. She has a BFA in Drawing and Painting from CSU Long Beach, and has exhibited her work at the dA Gallery in Pomona, the Vision Gallery in Los Angeles, and the Vacant Storefront Show in Long Beach. She also contributed original art work to a video of Laurel Ann Bogen’s poem, “Wings That Which Takes Flight.”

“My paintings are often inspired by first composing a collage in which potential subjects interact by sharing the space created within in the painting.  The interaction and relationship of the figures in my paintings to each other and their surroundings do not compare to our usual reality, yet one that is my individual construction. I believe that these paintings also respond to a place in my unconscious that deals in an imagined space. By combining imagery from the public world with an internal world of dreams, meditative states, and the comforts of home life, I strive to depict an empowering balance in the daily transitions each of us must undertake.” – Linda Fry

Watch “Wings That Which Takes Flight” on You Tube