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Greg Jacobs

Greg Jacobs – 3595 Brayton Ave

Greg’s work is about rock and roll, specifically the rock and roll environment(s) he lives in, the subculture. In 1980, during high school, he was swallowed up by punk rock in Southern California. That scene was a creative incubator where he developed his vision. Throughout most of the Nineties he took a hiatus from photography – Greg moved to San Diego and was managing bands (Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Big Drill Car, Supernova), then in 2002 he moved to Long Beach, CA, and got a straight job – He returned to photography around 2005 and started shooting in the streets but could not resist the call of the sweaty rock clubs that he loves so much. So he ended up right back where he started, in the music scene – Which is how he likes it.

Greg is regular contributor to New Noise Magazine and his work has been featured in VICE / Noisey, Razorcake, Fox 6 San Diego TV, Album covers, books and periodicals and websites all over the world.

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