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Joe Crabtree


Studied illustration and graphic design at California State University Long Beach, graduating in 1984 with  BFA in graphic design. I began my career in 1982 as a freelance illustrator and worked in both advertising and design for clients such as The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Mattel Toys. Kawasaki motorcycles, Kia Motor corporation and many others. In 1993 I began a partnership that led to the creation of “Art Parts” an on-line source for creative and fun images. We are still in business and enjoying our twentieth year of laffs.

After so many years creating art for other people I decided to begin a new career painting and constructing art that reflects my own interests, chiefly: Los Angeles, it’s architecture, hope, despair and the Raymond Chandleresque oddities that veneer this cities warmth and color with an overlay of  beauty and or corruption at the same time.


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