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Ron Yeo

Ron Yeo (Studio #41) – 3955 Massachusetts Street

Ron is a native Californian, was raised in Belmont Shore. Tripping up through Lowell, Rogers, Wilson & Long Beach City College. Then, on to the USC School of Architecture.

In 1961, using the commission gained from completing a mural painting at the “Little Ships Galley” that later became the “Schooner or Later” restaurant in Alamitos Bay, he traveled through North Africa & Europe on 5 dollars a day. After getting low on money, he went to work for an architect in Stockholm Sweden helping out on an International Architectural Design Competition.

Ron then married his boss’s secretary – Birgitta and they returned to California and established a private architectural practice in 1963. He was advanced to Fellowship in the AIA in 1976.

He was the Chairman of Newport Beach’s Arts committee and the president of the Orange County Arts Alliance in the 70s. Ron received the OCAA “Sweetheart of the Arts” Award in 1981.

He is now transitioning from Architecture to Arts. He enjoys the visual delight of the Art of Architecture, his landscape, sculpture, cartoons & photography.

Ron is an admitted “collector” & can’t stand tossing anything away.  He enjoys making a variety of items out of left over stuff and recently he has developed a series of fun art projects out of re-cycled bottle caps.

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