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Nora Chen

Nora Chen – 130 W. 36th Street

Artist Statement

I have been working with Porcelain and delicate carving, which, combined with Celadon glazes, give my work an enchanted mystical feel.   The process is I draw the design directly onto the clay with pencil or needle shape tools, then go over the design few times to carve and deepen the line, which will make the design 3D like, I sometimes spend more than 20 hours in achieving the finished decoration I want.

Artist Bio

I have been doing ceramics for 12 years.  I am fortunate to have learned several different techniques from many talented potters.  I’ve enjoyed carving, sculpting, and painting on clay.  I love the challenges, so I have learning making art in different mediums and in a wide range of styles.  I enjoy combining art from different mediums to make unique ceramics.  The beautiful things around us are the inspiration of creating my art.

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