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Nora Chen

Nora Chen (Studio #10) – 130 W. 36th Street

14 years ago I watched a Chinese ceramic show in Monterey Park, California. That is when I fell in love with ceramics. I was amazed how the artist could transform a lump of raw clay into a piece of art before my eyes. I was fascinated by the beauty and artistic conception of ceramic art. After that Chinese ceramic show, I started taking college classes and attending workshops in ceramics; I have also taken classes in Air Brush Painting and Wood Turning, but ceramics is my true love. I enjoy painting and carving intricate designs in my ceramics. I enjoy presenting my art in competitions and exhibitions. In 1995, won my first art award of designing a new logo for the U.S. district post office; I have won several ceramic awards at school and Orange County Fair fine art competitions. I currently have one piece in permanent collection at the Orange County Fair. I feel the competition helps push me to try new and different things so my art does not stagnate. I spend much of my time thinking of new and different ways to express myself in ceramic art. My art is a very important part of my life, evolving with each new piece I create. Because of art, my life is never lonely.

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