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Cody Lusby

Cody Lusby (Studio #32) – 2913 E. 6th Street

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Cody was raised in Southern California.  After some small recognition as a youth, it was not until high school that his academic career began.  He was accepted into Orange County High School of the Arts in 1994 where he learned the fundamentals of art.  In 1996, on a scholarship he won through the “Color it Orange” art contest, he attended Laguna College of Art and Design.  By the end of college his realism painting skills had developed to a caliber that several galleries wanted to sign him to their roster.  Feeling not ready for a professional gallery career, Cody traveled, learned life lessons, and grew.

In 2009, after many years of experimenting with materials and techniques, Cody landed a solo show, “Mustachio Rides Again” at a small gallery called Art from the Hive in Santa Ana, California.  In that show he displayed how he evolved from his classically trained roots in to Mustachio – a brush-wielding renegade who takes risks, fears nothing, and rides with no saddle.  Some say Mustachio is Cody’s alter ego.  In fact, the start contrast between the artist’s humble, soft-spoken nature and his in-your-face work is hard to miss.  Mustachio’s art is defined by talent, technique, and a mélange of mixed media, resulting in vibrant, controlled chaos.  Since that first show, Cody has developed his artwork into a full time career, working non-stop and showing continuously in monthly group exhibitions.

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