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Aia White-Podue

Aia White-Podue (Studio #27) – 2102 Clark Avenue

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated with spiritual, cultural and political symbols and am fascinated about how we as people translate our ideologies into tangible representations to share with each other and sometimes the outer world.  With this concept as a foundation for my art, I combine and embellish these symbols to create my stories of which I happily share with you.

Artist Biography:

I started drawing/painting professionally around 1996, beginning with customized symbolic paintings/drawings for a couple of specialty stores in Long Beach, CA.  Thereafter, I got side-tracked and switched to painting landscapes and portraits on commission, and was doing quite well.  However, I didn’t enjoy the actual process and time spent doing this – knowing from the beginning what the end result would look like and using only  my eyes to see.  As a result, I quit painting/drawing completely by the end of 1999.  However, I continued to design interiors and landscapes occasionally and for several years designed displays for an American-made, fair-trade gift shop in Long Beach.  (Throughout this time, I also owned and operated a successful medical transcription business, for 20 years in all, and retired in 2016.)

In late 2010, I returned to my true art and its original express and purpose – to tell stories using social, cultural, and political symbols, from ancient to contemporary.

Nick, my husband, and I offer for sale originals, reproductions, prints, cards, and wearable art (jewelry) using my originals.  These are sold in our studio at private/public events, outside art shows, and at MADE by Millworks in Long Beach, California.  This is a wonderful store that supports local makers and artists.  Check them out at 240 Pine Avenue!  With few exceptions, we make everything in studio using, as much as we can, American-made parts for our products.  In addition to using this space as our working studio, we have quarterly open studio art parties to support other artists, as well as other events.

I recently began an offshoot project here at Luna Rising Art Studio called LUNA upRISING project, in which I make small originals and ask for donations only; 100% of the proceeds goes to various local progressive organizations.

My art is in homes and businesses across the U.S., London, Saudi Arabia, as well as in a converted ancient Buddhist temple in Nara, Japan. 

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