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Leslie Heuer

Leslie Heuer (Studio #?) – 7140 Killdee Street

My father is an artist who painted in an impressionist style, mostly landscapes based on early California Impressionists (favorites are William Wendt and Edgar Payne).  He is an architect by trade but spent most of his free time painting in the garage/studio.  I wanted to learn, so I asked him to teach me.  I just copied what I liked and he helped me along.  His guidance was just what I needed, and I started enjoying the process.  After starting a family I didn’t paint anything for about ten years until I stumbled on to a local artist’s website who offered week long plein air workshops  I had no idea how challenging plein air would be, but I jumped right in.  I have been taking workshops and painting on my own and with other artists for about two years now.  I still have so much to learn and am excited for an upcoming trip to Italy to take a workshop with an artist I have admired for many years.  Currently, my paintings are just quick studies of scenes that catch my eye as I go about my daily life.  I am interested in painting more of the urban jungle here in Long Beach, places like the flood control, bike trails, local wetlands and power plants.  I grew up along the flood control, so I see beauty in the river, the wildlife and the tangle of freeways all jammed with traffic.  When I set up to paint, people stop to check out what I am doing.  It can be intimidating, but most people are very friendly and curious.