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Scott Burchard

Scott Burchard – 4115 Locust Ave

Scott Burchard is a self-taught artist who has painted since childhood, primarily with oils and watercolors. Within the last five years Scott has discovered acrylic paints, beginning when his wife asked him to paint a ‘Jackson Pollock’ on the kitchen floor. This generated a series of panels seeking to evoke images inspired by photos from the Hubble telescope. The artist’s technique is wet-on-wet. The acrylics make this process exciting and results in a process of ‘discovery’ with the images evolving as the medium dries.

“Painting has become the primary focus of my life in the past five years. In the prior years I painted infrequently as inspiration and time permitted. Making the studio a part of my daily life has been rewarding, both in results and in my overall state-of-mind.”